So far we have come a long way to the preparatory tasks of realizing the planned Center of Excellence for Autism. From the beginning a number of collaborators are voluntarily engaging in the project and we hope many more are to follow their footsteps.

With an aim of completing the first phase of the project, we are now hugely embarking on mobilizing resources and raising funds calling upon everyone. To do so, we have multiple strategies underway. Among the different ways of raising funds, the three major strategies are the 'GOODWILL SHARES', 'SPONSORSHIP' and 'A DAY'S EARNING FOR NIA!'

In the GOODWILL SHARES we are inviting everyone concerned to buy our goodwill shares of 10,000 birr (367 USD) each. We call the single amount of share a 'LEAF' of the Tree of Joy symbolizing the dream Center of Excellence. It is also possible to be a "Branch' of the Tree buying a total of ten 'LEAVES'.

PIONEER PARTNERSHIP packages are also proposed attracting companies and individuals capable of contributing to the project in cash, in kind or professionally with an estimated value of more than 500,000 birr (18,368 USD) or above a million birr (36,738 USD) for TRUNK Level and ROOT Level sponsorship respectively.

Taking part either way, you will be able to share the joy and blessing that comes with your goodwill, and the responsibility that comes with being family of the organization.

So come and join the journey of brightening the future of persons with autism and realize the planned center of excellence.

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At Any Convenient Bank of Yours!

A DAY'S EARNING FOR NIA modality is meant to mobilize funds from the majority of communities. We urge everyone; be it a student, an employee, company owner, a house maid, a shoe shine, ... everyone, to donate just a day's earning of theirs per year.

In order to make this mobilization of donation, we have official bank accounts of the organization in all of the operating banks in Ethiopia.

It is now more easier to donate; Pay back to the community, understand the special needs of children with autism and why they need such a deserving place to learn at, and lend a hand to help families especially mothers who are crying alone. We believe this is the right opportunity for everyone who is willing to take a step in changing the lives of those affected by the disorder.

Doing so, you will be able to share the joy and blessing that comes with your goodwill, and the responsibility that comes with being family of the organization.

So come and join the journey of brightening the future of persons with autism and realize the planned center of excellence.

Nia Foundation Accounts

Commercial Bank of Ethiopia - 1000066285808

Awash Bank - 01308158890300

Dashen Bank - 0010905134004

Abyssinia Bank - 11884903

Wegagen Bank - 0730653410401

Nib International Bank - 700008333845

Berhan International Bank - 2501160

United Bank - 124181

Lion International Bank - 0011058791358

Oromia International Bank - 795853

Bunna International Bank - 1819601000035

Abay Bank - 1142112383182013

Addis International Bank - 000865802040186580

Enat Bank - 0111106844140001

Debub Global Bank - 1092101006291

Cooperative Bank of Oromia - 1000035086947

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His Excellency, Aboy Sibhat Nega has come and paid a brief visit to the Joy center for Autism on Monday July 17, 2017. The Executive Director of the center, Mrs. Zemi Yenus extended a very warm welcome to him and the kids presented a welcoming flower upon his arrival.

He was deeply moved by what he had seen at the center and witnessed that all the holistic services given at center has always given a sigh of relief for the parents because it is the right place for keeping their kids while they are on their business; staying productive.

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Our Executive Director and founder of Joy Center for Autism, Ms. Zemi Yenus has met Mexican Ambassador to Ethiopia, His Excellency Mr. Victor M. Travino at his office and discussed issues with regard to autism and related conditions in Ethiopia.

Creating new partnership and working together on resource mobilization and as well as organizing fundraising events for the construction of the new Joy Center of Excellence for Autism building are among the main discussions they had.

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Staff of Addis Ababa City Council Speaker Office have come by Nia Foundation and paid a visit to Joy Center for Autism.

In connection to celebrating World Children’s Day on the 16th of June, they spent their valuable time playing and delightfully celebrating the day with an assortments of activities along with our kids. Though the core purpose of the visit was said to be marking the World Children’s day event at our center, they had a purpose to discuss different agendas and forge partnership and collaborations with Nia Foundation as well.

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It was all started back in 2002. Nia Foundation was pioneering and paving ways to the concept of working in the field of Autism in the country; Creating Public Awareness, Providing Rehabilitative Therapeutic Services for children with autism, holistically  empowering vulnerable youth and women, promoting needs to sexual and reproductive health and rights, enlightening communities for a sense of concern on a number of issues, and lobbying for systemic change in the face of decision makers and the legal framework.

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A Brand New Joy Autism center of Excellence building construction is to be commenced soon.

In connection to this, a corner stone laying ceremony was held on 23rd of March this year. During this event, many pertinent stakeholders, parents, donors and distinguished guests including high government officials took part in this significant ceremony. His Excellency Mr. Abdulfatah Abdullahi, Minister of F.D.R.E. Labour and Social Affairs, was the guest of honour and later the day at the event he unveiled the corner-stone for the planned Joy Autism Center of Excellence building construction.

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A very little initiative and strong willpower by the founder to alter ill perceptions and isolation against children and persons with autism and other developmental disorders in Ethiopia through awareness creation and teachings about the spectrum has now sprung a dozen of revitalization.

A kernel of little seed Zemi Yenus sew during the establishment 15 years ago at the much tapered sanctuary, Joy Autism Center Addis Ababa has grown into a big tree and has born an exceedingly bigger fruit that is now on the verge of blossoming. Her very small stride towards safeguarding and embracing those vulnerable kids in the spectrum who were shackled in the closet, isolated and treated so unkindly by the societies has transformed into a very big giant one.

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