Nia Foundation about to build the first Autism Center of Excellence

The Nia Foundation is on the verge of commencing the construction of its planned center of excellence with an aspiration of better serving a number of persons with autism in the country.  The center is going to be the first of its kind in the continent and surely be a world class.

The municipality of Addis Ababa City has delivered as promised and handed us over this month nearly 5000m2 plots of land to construct the autism center around CMC- SUMMIT area in Addis Ababa.

This modern Center of Excellence is meant to serve as a place where children with autism are rehabilitated and provided with all sorts of modern therapeutic services; while making it to be an operational researches and specialized medical care facility is already an integral part of the plan. The Executive Director of the Foundation, Mrs. Zemi Yenus Says; it will truly be the place where a deserved joy is felt by children with autism and all sorts of rehabilitation is provided to them.

“As an asset for all Ethiopians, it definitely is going to be requiring the contributions and active involvement of all citizens in the realization of the center” says Mrs. Zemi. Everyone concerned is invited to take part in the donation campaign under ‘A day’s earning for Nia’ by which all segments of the community; be it, students, employees, business people or political leaders are advised to donate a single day of their income per year to the this hugely important cause.

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