The Joy Center helping Children with Autism in Ethiopia

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  1. Lemlem / April 3, 2018

    Ur work is very good and i wanna join u in voluntery service. I am university student. If u c it please contact me.

    • Nia Foundation / June 18, 2018

      Thank you for your interest and please do call us @ 0113206160 for further information and our volunteer opportunities.

  2. Hawlet salo / April 10, 2018

    Hi i am realy intersted to help autism children but i don’t have any opportunity to help like these children can i join your center? as volenterian and i am gread 9 student in nazreth school in A.A.

    • Nia Foundation / June 18, 2018

      Hello Hawlet,
      Thank you for the interest and you are welcome to volunteer with us. We will find a place for you. please do call at 0113206160 and get more information.

  3. TESHOME MENGESHA / January 18, 2020

    I really appreciate your commitment toward helping children with autism. I want to talk to you abot my doughter who is now 4 years old but I thought she has the same problem. I tried to get solution through medical treatment and went so many Hospitals and Health Organization but not helped any more. Would you please inform me how to reach you?

    • Nia Foundation / August 4, 2020

      Thank you for reaching to us. Please call at 0113206160/59 to discuss your matter

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