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A very little initiative and strong willpower by the founder to alter ill perceptions and isolation against children and persons with autism and other developmental disorders in Ethiopia through awareness creation and teachings about the spectrum has now sprung a dozen of revitalization.

A kernel of little seed Zemi Yenus sew during the establishment 15 years ago at the much tapered sanctuary, Joy Autism Center Addis Ababa has grown into a big tree and has born an exceedingly bigger fruit that is now on the verge of blossoming. Her very small stride towards safeguarding and embracing those vulnerable kids in the spectrum who were shackled in the closet, isolated and treated so unkindly by the societies has transformed into a very big giant one. She and her foundation have been tirelessly working to eliminate the isolation, the negative thoughts and discrimination towards these precious children with ultimate determination and outstanding willpower. All the stabling-blocks and obstacles along the path are being broken into pieces and eradicated because of the persistent efforts being exerted by the foundation and this legendary woman’s untapped potential and her “Yes We can” spirit.

As a pioneer, we have had an ambition to render an equitable services to all vulnerable children with autism regardless of their race, sex, religion and life standards and that of course has resulted a remarkable effect in the cause in a way that could fill the gap in the sector and satisfy the community.

The little Joy Autism center has come a long way in achieving its mission through the past 15 years in service; aspires even further for greatness in the years to come with an ultimate goal of serving better, expanding to regions, and reaching the under-served communities.

Therefore, we kindly urge all of you inside and outside the country in every sectors to come together, hand in hand, to contribute your share and do your little consistent support and kindhearted donations to keep the foundation moving forward just like Mrs. Zemi.

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