Nia Celebrating Its Fifteen Years in Service

It was all started back in 2002. Nia Foundation was pioneering and paving ways to the concept of working in viagra belgique the field of Autism in the country; Creating Public Awareness, Providing Rehabilitative Therapeutic Services for children with autism, holistically  empowering vulnerable youth and women, promoting needs to sexual and reproductive health and rights, enlightening communities for a sense of concern on a number of issues, and lobbying for systemic change in the face of decision makers and the legal framework. We have also been engaged in widely serving as a research and practicum facility for the local and international world of academia especially partnering with higher education institutions. The services we have been able to provide to the society has also extended to the extent of professionally diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorders, holding individual and group counseling sessions and organizing forums for psycho-socially empowering parents.

The government of Ethiopia and the relevant sector offices at different structural levels have always been supportive of and guiding the Foundations humanitarian undertakings throughout the past fifteen years. Such collaborative efforts have resulted in multifaceted achievements for the betterment of communities we serve.

We are now warmly marking our 15th year in service reflecting back on the remarkable achievements we have registered in collaboration with our partners and enjoyed with our constituencies.


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