Addis Ababa City Council pays a visit to Joy Center for Autism

Staff of Addis Ababa City Council Speaker Office have come by Nia Foundation and paid a visit to Joy Center for Autism.

In connection to celebrating World Children’s Day on the 16th of June, they spent their valuable time playing and delightfully celebrating the day with an assortments of activities along with our kids. Though the core purpose of the visit was said to be marking the World Children’s day event at our center, they had a purpose to discuss different agendas and forge partnership and collaborations with Nia Foundation as well.

Acknowledging efforts exerted to the cause and 15 years’ vigorous service and intervention devoted by the center, staff members of the council  have underscored all the activities implemented at the center such as the holistic services; both rehabilitation and therapies being provided for the children at our center, the extension work being under way to open up branches in major cities and more importantly the construction of the new Joy Center of Excellence for Autism and suggested this should be strengthened more than ever before.

The executive Director of the foundation has also explained for the visitors the achievements and major ups and downs experienced so far since establishment. She also urged the council to look for ways to help the center in bringing all stakeholders together for the realization of substantiated partnerships that need to happen for any of the plans and current undertaking yield some fruit.

According to Birtukan Ahimed; the team leader of the visiting group, “it is very good to have a center like this for children with autism and it is also nice to see the growing confidence that the parents have to bring their children out here unlike before”.

“We all are from Addis Ababa City Administration Council Speaker Office, gender affairs department. It is extremely pleasing to see cialis en ligne these children be able to come out of the closet and be able to express themselves and see this sun light in here. So we are very happy that we have eventually been able to come and see the children here at Joy Autism Center.

Zerihun Ekah was also among the group and said;

“We are here to celebrate World Children Day with the special children here at your center. As we just came here, we did not expect what we just saw in relation to the children. We visited the children from a room to room, the improvement we observed was so impressive; we are so happy. A teacher shapes students and an engineer constructs a building but this center literally creates humans.”

Zerihun also added that he would invite his friends and families to come and visit this center and promised to mobilize monetary and logistic donations for the center to grow.

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