Aboy Sibhat pays a visit to the Joy Center for Autism

His Excellency, Aboy Sibhat Nega has come and paid a brief visit to the Joy center for Autism on Monday July 17, 2017. The Executive Director of the center, Mrs. Zemi Yenus extended a very warm welcome to him and the kids presented a welcoming flower upon his arrival.

He was deeply moved by what he had seen at the center and witnessed that all the holistic services given at center has always given a sigh of relief for the parents because it is the right place for keeping their kids while they are on their business; staying productive.

As per Sibhat, the purpose of his visit primarily is to visit the pupils at the center and reflected his deep emotions as a father and citizen of the country. He also underscored the need for the engagement of all stakeholders from both the government and private sector into such a great cause.

Zemi on her part expressed a whole-hearted gratitude for his visit to the center. And sincerely highlighted the importance of having an iconic governmental body like him to closely work with the Foundation to address the needs of persons with autism and their families as well as realize its organizational goals.

At the end, he has left his message to visitors and collaborators of the Joy Center for Autism on a sign board saying his visit has changed his prior understanding about autism.

It is also our invitation to everyone concerned to come and pay us and our children a visit at the Joy Center for Autism and join hands to DEFEAT AUTISM.

Click the image below to see more pictures of the visit;

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