Goodwill Shares Being Sold

So far we have come a long way to the preparatory tasks of realizing the planned Center of Excellence for Autism. From the beginning a number of collaborators are voluntarily engaging in the project and we hope many more are to follow their footsteps.

With an aim of completing the first phase of the project, we are now hugely embarking on mobilizing resources and raising funds calling upon everyone. To do so, we have multiple strategies underway. Among the different ways of raising funds, the three major strategies are the ‘GOODWILL SHARES’, ‘SPONSORSHIP’ and ‘A DAY’S EARNING FOR NIA!’

In the GOODWILL SHARES we are inviting everyone concerned to buy our goodwill shares of 10,000 birr (367 USD) each. We call the single amount of share a ‘LEAF’ of the Tree of Joy symbolizing the dream Center of Excellence. It is also possible to be a “Branch’ of the Tree buying a total of ten ‘LEAVES’.

PIONEER PARTNERSHIP packages are also proposed attracting companies and individuals capable of contributing to the project in cash, in kind or professionally with an estimated value of more than 500,000 birr (18,368 USD) or above a million birr (36,738 USD) for TRUNK Level and ROOT Level sponsorship respectively.

Taking part either way, you will be able to share the joy and blessing that comes with your goodwill, and the responsibility that comes with being family of the organization.

So come and join the journey of brightening the future of persons with autism and realize the planned center of excellence.

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