Two of the newly appointed ministers paid a visit to the Joy Center for Autism

On Sunday November 18, 2018, H.E. Dr. Amir Aman, Health Minister of FDRE, paid a visit to the Nia Foundation’s Joy Center for Autism with his colleague and had the very meaningful and imminent discussion with Parents of children with Autism, staff of the Foundation, and its management.

During the discussions, what the Foundation is doing and aspiring to do along with the major challenges that need to be tackled in collaboration with the ministry was boldly brought forward.

As to him, it was just about time to do the visit and get the first hand information from the stakeholders involved in the area. He felt and understood the desperations of the parents seeking the governments due attention and support, and eventually pledged for taking the lead in addressing the special needs of communities affected by autism.

The final remarks were made focusing on some of the practical points of collaboration between the Ministry and the Foundation and action points were noted.

Again, on Monday November 19, 2018, H.E. Mrs. Yealem Tsegaye, Women, Children & Youth Minister along with members of the ministry management, came to the Joy Center in the morning and spent significant time visiting the center works and discussing matters with parents of children with autism, the staff, and the management.

As to Madam Minister, she would have been happier to be closer to the Center earlier helping in anyway not only as a mandated political leader but as a citizen as well. But it is now her duty to voice the children and women affected by the disorder and strategically act to address the unaddressed issues of these segments of the community.

The visit came in line with the celebration of the World Children’s Day and the Ministry has made its financial contribution to the foundations cause. It is also remarked at the end that the ministry will take home the assignment to identify practical as well as priority issues that need to be immediate acted upon following the visit.

Families of the foundation highly valued and expressed their gratitude for both the visits and pledges made to continue supporting families and the Foundation’s cause.

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