IMG_9036.jpg — Federal Home Loan Bank Dallas check presentation to PowHer in Houston August 9, 2019. (Left to Right) Shantera L. Chatman, Founder & Executive Director, The Chatman Women’s Foundation, Vanessa Reed, Assistant Vice President, Community Reinvestment, Comerica Bank – South TexasBruce Hatton, Vice President, Affordable Housing Manager, FHLB Dallas, Pamela Lovett, and Irvin Ashford, Jr. (some photos) (Photo by Donna Carson)***DOWNLOAD INSTRUCTIONS***Download full resolution individual photos/videos by clicking the “down-facing arrow” below the preview image on the right hand side of the page. You will then be prompted to select a destination for the photo on your local computer.This cloud based gallery will be available for three months in order to enable you to download all of the photos to your computer for safe long term storage. While the gallery may be in the cloud for longer than this time you should endeavor to file and secure the photos for future use in whatever manner you deem appropriate.

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