‘Yagebagnal’ which means ‘It Concerns Me’ Movement

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‘Yagebagnal’ which means ‘It Concerns Me’ Movement

The problem and importance of the intervention.

The ‘Yagebagnal’ movement is one of the innovative approaches established by Nia Foundation to tackle the vast cultural, social, health, economic and other related challenges in Ethiopia through community dialogue and consecutive actions. The movement seeks to address variety of issues ranging from the restoration of lost norms such as shared responsibility and ‘I care’ to gender issues, youth empowerment, child abuse, community health threats, employment , human trafficking, substance abuse and other national concerns.
The basic principles of the movement combined with our effort of empowering the youth group comprehensively; psycho-social, health and economic empowerment, we are aiming to reduce the social, health and economic vulnerability of disadvantaged citizens in the country.
As part and parcel of the national movement towards the same cause, we are contributing our share in that regard in the form of putting effective interventions.

Strategic Objective

To motivate and create a concerned generation by bringing back the lost culture of belongingness, concern in all aspects and caring among citizens, to participate in activities with societal welfare maximizations.

 Immediate Objectives

  • National level policy dialogues
  • Community dialogue sessions
  • Mass awareness events
  • Media and research institutes engagement

Selected Intervention Areas

  • Awareness raising programs
  • Discussion Forums and Workshops
  • Training programmes to Media Community
  • Disseminating to Medias the issues discussed
  • Informing and Finding solutions
  • Media Monitoring


  • Citizens who lack good governance
  • People who are vulnerable for commercial sex work
  • People who are vulnerable for drug and alcohol addiction/abuse
  • People who are vulnerable for car accident and related traffic problems
  • People who are vulnerable for environmental and sound pollution
  • Children and youth who are vulnerable for street children and crime/violence
  • Adolescent and youths who vulnerable for migration and human trafficking
  • Children who are exposed for child trafficking and labor exploitation
  • Destitute mothers
  • Elderly population
  • Disable people

Intervention Strategies

  • Using community meetings and discussion forum
  • Community mobilization through sensitization workshops
  • Volunteerism
  • Awareness and Media Engagement


‘It Concerns Me’ movement program has reached more than three million citizens investing various efforts to alleviating various social ills like youth drug and alcohol abuse, traffic problem, prostitution, good governance, child abuse, human trafficking, migration etc. Thus, incredible inspirations and growing spirit of belongingness in eradicating these social ills among the society have been created.

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