Get Involved

After what you have learnt about our organization we hope to have sparked in you the thought “How can I be involved?”

If so we would like to first thank you for wanting to join us and help us continue to change the lives of others. As it is our motto, it is always good to give turn in service. So how can you join us? Well you may be an employee of ours that works daily for the realization of our goals, you may join our excellent pool of volunteers who donate their time and talents to assist us in the areas we lack on and ensure we are always supported or you may be one of our donors that guarantee our existence year after year and our safeguard our ability to make impact through their generous and heartfelt donations.

But we won’t stop here, we need you help in any form or kind it comes starting from giving us advice, we believe that in order to succeed we need to humbly face criticism, accept advice and most importantly involve any one that is willing to do so. The issues we work on are those of the community and as such need the input and support of those who are willing and able. So please read more on how you can be involved and feel free to contact us.