On Sunday November 18, 2018, H.E. Dr. Amir Aman, Health Minister of FDRE, paid a visit to the Nia Foundation’s Joy Center for Autism with his colleague and had the very meaningful and imminent discussion with Parents of children with Autism, staff of the Foundation, and its management.

During the discussions, what the Foundation is doing and aspiring to do along with the major challenges that need to be tackled in collaboration with the ministry was boldly brought forward.

As to him,

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His Excellency, Aboy Sibhat Nega has come and paid a brief visit to the Joy center for Autism on Monday July 17, 2017. The Executive Director of the center, Mrs. Zemi Yenus extended a very warm welcome to him and the kids presented a welcoming flower upon his arrival.

He was deeply moved by what he had seen at the center and witnessed that all the holistic services given at center has always given a sigh of relief for the parents because it is the right place for keeping their kids while they are on their business; staying productive.

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Staff of Addis Ababa City Council Speaker Office have come by Nia Foundation and paid a visit to Joy Center for Autism.

In connection to celebrating World Children’s Day on the 16th of June, they spent their valuable time playing and delightfully celebrating the day with an assortments of activities along with our kids. Though the core purpose of the visit was said to be marking the World Children’s day event at our center, they had a purpose to discuss different agendas and forge partnership and collaborations with Nia Foundation as well.

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