Who we are

Nia’s Organizational Identity: Vision, Mission, Values, Objectives / Strategies


1.1.         Vision/Nia

Nia Foundation aspires to seeing a concerned society whereby less privileged community groups enjoy quality of life to the best of their potentials in spite of their different abilities, disabilities and gender.


1.2.         Mission

Nia strives to inspire, empower and improve the holistic wellbeing of less privileged children, youth, and women mainly through education, rehabilitation, training and awareness raising, dialogue and discussion forums, entrepreneurship and leadership development programmes.


1.3.         Our Core Values

  • Mutual Trust
  • Love and Empathy
  • Hope and Optimism
  • Responsibility and Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Partnership and Collaboration
  • Innovation and Excellence


1.4.         Target Groups

The society as a whole and the less privileged community groups whose overlooked problems still remained a formidable challenge are the major targets. These include:

  • Persons with Autism and related developmental disorders
  • Vulnerable Children and marginalized, abused and violence survivors young people
  • Parents and siblings of children with different abilities and disabilities
  • Low income youth, CSWs, migration returnee & goingee, house maid & daily laborers
  • Women at child bearing age and new born babies


1.5.         Operational Areas

The Foundation used to operating in Addis Ababa and its environs, with very few regional states due to mainly associated to lack of available funds and internal readiness. Nonetheless, having the preliminary assessment findings and the ever growing demand from regions in to consideration, the Foundation has decided to deepen its operation in the existing project locations and stretch its major interventions in the country. We want to ensure “no one is left behind”!


1.6.         Organizational Goal

  • Creating critical mass of concerned society – with ‘Yagebagnal’ sentiment and specially on autism and related issues
  • Service expansion
  • Inter-sectoral collaboration and institutional capacity
  • Ensuring sustainability and synergia


1.7.         Organizational Strategic Objectives

In this strategic period, Nia Foundation shall work together with its partners and stakeholders towards attaining the following six strategic objectives:

  • Created a critical mass of concerned society / who says “yagebagnal” on issues related to Autism, related development disorders and other socioeconomic issues
  • Increased access to and quality of services that would improve the protection and rehabilitation mechanisms to CWA and related development disorders
  • Improved the livelihood status of the target communities through increasing their physical and human capital assets – trainings, IGAs and promoting market linkages
  • Bring desired behavioral change on SRH practices and declined risk behavior associated to addiction and substance abuse among the target groups
  • Enhanced partnership and networking with stakeholders to ensure synergy and sustainable support
  • Improved institutional capacity in terms of laying necessary infrastructure, logistics, human resource, image building and resource mobilization through  in placing organizational systems